Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Stalker by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Mike runs his own sea kayak tour business in BC. It's pretty successful for him, but right now he's having a hard time keeping his mind on his business. He's just hired a new tour cook, and can’t stop thinking about her. He’s also distracted because he’s been getting some scary calls on his cell phone. The calls are warning him not to take his customers out on their upcoming trip. Someone is watching and doesn’t want them out on the water. He tries to brush it off, but when Mike, his new customers, and his cook are deep in the wilderness, it becomes clear that the stalker is there, too.

I am such a fan of the Good Reads Series. The Stalker isn't a long book, but there's a lot of action packed into its pages. There's action and suspense mixed in with a little romance and a lot of descriptions of Canada's west coast views. This is a great choice for adults who want to practice their reading skills or for anyone looking for a shorter, straightforward story to pick up and enjoy.

See more information at ABC Life Literacy Canada.

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