Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

Jill has had a big hole in her life since her dad passed away in a car accident. It's been the worst year of her life. She's retreated from everyone - her mom, her boyfriend, her friends - and everything and hasn't found a way to go on living. Mandy had one beautiful moment with a boy that she loved and now she's looking for a family to adopt her soon-to-be-born baby. Jill's mother has made a plan to adopt Mandy's baby, bringing all three of them together into each others' lives. Mandy's keeping a lot of secrets, and Jill is reluctant to open up to anyone. Will any of them be able to find what they need?

I love this book. Jill and Mandy are two such strong characters. Either one of them could carry their own story, but joining them together allows for such a deeper story. We got to see each character through each others' eyes. At first I could completely see Jill's perspective and wondered why anyone would want to enter into an adoption without legal agreements and written protection. But then, as Mandy's story unraveled, her actions and perspective started to make more sense. Her life growing up was awful and Jill (and, at times, her mother) was making assumptions based on her own position of privilege. Solid supporting characters were actual characters and not story-based props. Based on her other books, I'm not surprised that I enjoyed Sara Zarr's latest, but finding out how much I enjoyed it was a fun discovery.

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