Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nancy Drew, Vampire Slayer Part Two by Stefan Petrucha, Sarah Kinney and Sho Murase

Picking up where part one left off, Nancy Drew: Vampire Slayer Part Two opens with Nancy and Gregor trapped in his castle-like mansion. Bess, George, and Ned watch helplessly from outside, having tapped into the surveillance camera footage. While a mysterious woman seems intent on taking revenge on Gregor, Nancy must figure out how to stop the violence and get to the bottom of the mysterious events. Who is telling the truth? Who is the real threat to her safety? It seems like there’s no way in…or out. Could this be Nancy’s final story?

After the cliffhanger of part one, I knew I was definitely going to be reading part two. Between the two, I think I preferred the first part, mainly because there were three nit-picky things that bothered me about this book. At one point, Gregor tells Nancy he doesn’t have a cell phone, despite having told her he’d been receiving threatening texts (and there being a graphic of a cell phone early in the book). (Although I suppose he could mean he doesn't have a phone on him.) At another point, Nancy repeated something that Gregor had told her in the first part, and he seemed shocked that she knew it (even though, in story time, not much time had passed). And finally, the mysterious woman’s name is revealed through narrative text well before the characters actually learn it, and as the mystery partly hinges on her identity, this ruins some of the suspense of the story. With all of those things aside, though, I liked the art and tone of the story. I particularly liked the panels that showed characters in silhouette against a dark background; those added to the eerie nature of the story. It flowed so nicely; in many places, it really reminded me of an animated story. The story also neatly set up some of the plot of the next book, which was a great hook to keep reading.

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