Sunday, November 20, 2011

Murder, She Wrote: The Fine Art of Murder by Donald Bain

While on vacation in Italy, Jessica Fletcher becomes an unwitting witness to a terrible art theft-turned-murder. The violent act continues to haunt her back when she's in the United States, but she tries to put it aside and focus on her new novel. But her work comes to an abrupt halt when she discovers that the husband of an old friend in Chicago has been killed. Jessica finds herself drawn into this murder mystery, lending support to her friend while wondering about the identity of the true killer. Jessica is shocked when the Chicago murder seems to have ties to the Italian murder. Has she found herself in the middle of another international incident?

Is there anything better than a cool autumn evening, a warm blanket, and a new Murder, She Wrote mystery? Jessica Fletcher is back, and this time she's taking on the world of art forgery. Well, sort of - it's more like the backdrop for her latest murder encounter. (Spoiler alert) I was expecting the Italian plot and the Chicago plot to come together a bit more and be more tied together in the resolution, but I wasn't exactly disappointed in the true resolution. It just felt a bit like there had been two possible ideas for this book, but at some point they got mashed up into a single story. Still, it's very much the Murder, She Wrote series that I know and love, and I think fans of cozy mysteries will be satisfied with this new volume.

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