Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Sixes by Kate White

Phoebe Hall’s name has been synonymous with bestselling books and celebrity exposes. But when faced with a plagiarism scandal, Phoebe retreated from the publishing world. Her best friend invited her to come and teach at a small New England college. Phoebe is just settling into the quiet life when a student’s body is discovered floating in the river. Everyone assumes that it’s a tragic accident, but Phoebe discovers that the girl was a part of a secret sorority – and then uncovers that there has been a pattern of student deaths. Can she discover the truth behind the girl’s death? Or will she just be putting herself in danger?

I don’t read mystery/thrillers very often, but the allure of a private school setting and a secret society of young women was too much for me to pass up. The Sixes is twisty and has a lot of action. Some parts are quite scary, and there are other passages that describe brutal violence. Almost all of the characters had something they were hiding, which made everyone seem suspicious.
This is the first book by Kate White that I've picked up, but now I'm interested in taking a look at one of her other books, Hush.

Find it at IndieBound.

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  1. I agree about almost all the characters having something to definitely kept me guessing. I haven't read Hush, but she's got a couple of books with the same main character - I think If Looks Could Kill is the first one - that I enjoyed.

  2. Thanks! Aside from my Murder She Wrote tie-ins (the closest thing to a guilty pleasure I would have if I did feel guilty about reading anything), I don't read many mysteries (or thrillers), but when I do, I enjoy them.