Thursday, October 6, 2011

Agent Amelia #1: Ghost Diamond! by Michael Broad

She might not look like your typical secret agent, and she might not actually work for the government, but when something strange is going on, Agent Amelia is on the case. Why is her teacher so interested in the rare Ghost Diamond? Where are all the cats who've gone missing from her neighbourhood? What's behind all of the strange activity at a local plant store? Getting to the bottom of these cases won't be easy, but Agent Amelia is up to the challenge!

From what I can gather Agent Amelia was first published in England in the mid-late 2007s, but this will be the first time they're being published in North America. I'm glad that there were three stories in this one book because I used the first two to get my bearings under me. It took me awhile to get a read on Amelia and her antics; for example, was the teacher really planning to steal the Ghost Diamond, or was Amelia reading too much into the situation and creating mystery where there really wasn't any? But once I saw how the stories played out, I could settle in and enjoy them. I think Amelia is a character that I would continue to enjoy over several books, and while the world of these kinds of early elementary books isn't lacking in quirky girl heroines, Amelia can definitely carry her own story.

Find it at Lerner Books.

I read an advance review copy courtesy of NetGalley.

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