Friday, October 21, 2011

The Next Day by Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore and illustrated by John Porcellino

People attempt suicide for many different reasons. When they succeed in ending their lives, their families, friends, and communities must deal with the aftermath. But what happens when someone attempts suicide...and lives? Tina, Ryan, Chantel and Jenn have all been there. Each one of them planned to kill themselves and ended up still alive. The Next Day tells their stories and what it is like to go on living while knowing that there was a definite moment where you chose not to live.

Suicide is often a subject that people resist talking about. Death is a big mystery, and the idea of purposely ending one's life is confusing and distressing and often must include taking a look at underlying mental health issues. In four separate narratives, Tina, Ryan, Chantel and Jenn each describe what led them to the moment of suicide and then what it was like to find themselves alive. Living was not the end of the story; it did not cure or stop the issues that they were dealing with. The line drawings that accompany the story accentuate it but never overpower it; they seem like the perfect illustration for The Next Day. This is not an easy book to read but the story (and stories) are so important. This book is part of a larger project that also includes a documentary. Find out more at

I read a review copy at NetGalley courtesy of Pop Sandbox. This book was available in Canada in May 2011 and is scheduled to be available in the US at the beginning of November.

Find it at IndieBound.

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