Monday, June 13, 2011

Murder She Wrote: You Bet Your Life by Donald Bain

The first time Jessica Fletcher traveled to Las Vegas to visit her friend Martha, it was a happy occasion; she was there to celebrate Martha's wedding to a rich businessman that she'd met and fallen in love with. The second time Jessica traveled to Las Vegas to see Martha, it was under less than perfect circumstances. Martha's husband was dead - murdered - and Martha was in jail, accused of the crime. Jessica is sure of Martha's innocence, but it will take more than Las Vegas luck to convince the jury.

As I've said basically every time I've written about a Murder She Wrote novel, these are like comfort food for me. I don't read them expecting great plotlines or sparkling writing; I read them because I have a soft spot for Maine's mystery writer-turned-crime solver Jessica Fletcher. As far as MSW novels go, this one was quite enjoyable. Jessica does seem to make some stupid moves (like getting into a limo with a man that she knows is dangerous, without letting anyone know where she is or who she's with) that aren't so characteristically her, but she also comes through with some brilliant deductions. There are a couple of red herrings that disappear as the plot moves along, but there was enough happening with the story that I barely even noticed that they went nowhere. A solid Jessica Fletcher mystery.

Also, I'm not that familiar with Las Vegas: is that supposed to be a skull in the background, or is it just something that's cropped weirdly?

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