Monday, June 27, 2011

Crazy by Han Nolan

Jason is struggling. At fifteen, he's recently lost his mother and in many ways has lost his father. His dad is frequently barely functional and exists in his own haze of mental illness. Jason must also cope with the number of voices he hears in his own head: a fat bald guy, a sexy lady, Aunt Bee, Crazy Glue. But just having these imaginary friends doesn't mean he's crazy, too, right? Because that's something that Jason can't even think about; he's too busy trying to make sure that everything stays okay.

For me, some of the hardest types of books to read are the ones where teens - kids -have to keep their worlds from crumbling around them because the parents and grown-ups in their lives can't or won't take care of them. Watching Jason come undone in Crazy is heartbreaking. Crazy was named a 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults title by the American Library Association.

I read an copy at NetGalley but Crazy is now out in stores and libraries.

See more at Han Nolan's website.

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