Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly by Carolyn Parkhurst and Dan Yaccarino

Get ready, get set, here comes cooking with Henry and Elliebelly! Today they're going to make up some special dishes just for you. Do you like raspberry-marshmallow-peanut-butter-waffles? Are you hungry for barbecued banana-bacon? There's never a dull moment when Henry and Elliebelly are in the kitchen. Don't touch that dial; we'll be right back!

There's so much to love about this book. Henry is a delightful character. Sure, Elliebelly might end up stealing the spotlight just a touch, but Henry is patient, loving, and able to go with the flow. I also love his idea of television and all of the conventions (like commercials) that come with it. I love that it's told entirely in voices; it makes it feel like it is their story. This book is a celebration of the imagination, and, for me, it was a jump start to my imagination. I totally picture Henry and Elliebelly living in New York City, where, when they're not hosting a TV show, they go to children's classes at art museums and have adventures in Central Park. Their mom is an architect or a fashion designer (something where she uses a drawing board). They also have an awesome babysitter for when their parents go out. None of this is present in the book itself, but it was like I knew all about what I imagined their backstory to be. Similarly, Dan Yaccarino's illustration is awesomely deceptively simple, but every object is a delight. At one point there's a hamster who's rolled in on a ball; it looks like he wandered in from another story. When even a background image has a story to tell, you know this is something special. Don't miss this book.

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