Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dream Big, Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi and Tim Bowers

Poppy knows she is destined to be a star. She just hasn't figured out how. Maybe dancing? Modeling? Singing? None of those things work out. But when Poppy puts on a pair of skates, that might just be the ticket to the fame that she's sure is hers.

This is the first book from Olympic gold medalist (and Dancing with the Stars champion, as it says in her bio) Kristi Yamaguchi, and, like many celebrity-written picture books, she's stuck with a subject that she knows a lot about. Figure skating, like ballet, is a subject that many kids (usually, but not always, girls) are interested in, so there's definitely an audience for a book like this. And, in an added touch, the front of the book is covered with sparkly glitter, making it that much more appealing to young children. The story has a positive message about determination and heart, but by focusing on Poppy wanting to be a 'star' - wanting to be famous - it almost cheapens her accomplishments. Wouldn't it be enough just to do something because you love it? Or to become good at something but maybe not to the level of fame? Still, Poppy is a fun character and her enthusiasm (and Tim Bowers' illustrations) jumps right off the page.

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