Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

All Amber wants is one perfect day. Well, no, that’s not quite right. There’s a lot that she wants, but she knows it’s not going to happen. So she’ll settle for one day, alone, where she can do whatever she wants. She needs this day, because starting tomorrow, everything is going to change. But all of her plans are thrown for a loop when she meets Cade, a guy who needs to escape as much as she does. As they end up spending the day together, they just have one rule: don’t talk about why they’re there.

I’m still getting used to reading verse novels, but the form worked really well for this story. Amber doesn’t want to dwell on her thoughts; she spends a lot of time in her head, thinking, rather than describing what’s going on. Yes, it was a bit confusing at the beginning, but the good kind of confusing where I was eager for all of the pieces to fit together. I couldn’t help myself – I kept coming up with ideas for what would happen to Amber ‘tomorrow’ (none of them were right). When I finished the book I wanted more: more from Amber about what happens next, more from Cade’s perspective, even more from Amber’s sister Kelly’s perspective. I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters, and that’s just so thematically perfect and satisfying.

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