Saturday, November 5, 2011

Power Lunch: Book 1 - First Course by J. Torres and Dean Trippe

Joey is the new kid in school. He's been the new kid a few times, because when he's around things tend to...happen. As long as he eats only bland white foods, though, everything seems to go okay. This time he's befriended another kid who's a bit of an outsider; Jerome is being bullied by Bug, one of the big kids at school. Joey is happy to help Jerome by biting into some of his powers, but what will happen when Joey isn't around?

I can easily see kids responding really well to this book. The colours are bright and dynamic, the characters are funny and likeable (except for the bully, who's suitably bad). The idea of everyday foods magically transforming someone into having superhero-like powers is a brilliant combination of high-concept and easily understandable concept. There's also space for a neat little ethical dilemma around Joey trying out for the soccer team: is it okay to use your superpowers to your advantage? Is it fair to yourself if you don't take advantage of your full potential? It was raised but not elaborated on too much in this book, so I'm excited to see more about Joey's soccer playing in future books.

I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Oni Press.

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