Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tales of a Sugar Hero by Michael Dahl, Scott Nickel, and Jeff Crowther

On Halo's 11th birthday, she receives a special gift from her Aunt Pandora. At first, it just looks like delicious candy - but when she tries it, strange things start to happen. Strange and exciting things, like being able to fly, and make fireballs, and shoot streams of water. These new skills will come in handy, because there's bad things happening all over Midnight - and Halo is just the girl to take on these evildoers!

(Slight spoilers follow)

I love how this story puts girls at the forefront. The main character is a girl and the source of her powers (the candy) comes from her Aunt (she also lives with her grandmother). The evil characters are all women, too. There are a few male characters, but they don't overshadow the girls - and even better, they don't magically come to Halo's aid in the end. In fact, in at least one of the stories, Halo is the one who saves her male classmate's life. This story of strong female characters is wrapped up in bright, fun colours and fast-paced action. This special edition combines four Princess Candy stories into one book, which made a tasty treat seem even more satisfying.

I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Capstone.

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