Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Jazz Babies to Generation Next by Laura B. Edge

Teenagers today drive much of pop culture. Celebrities, tv shows, fashion, movies, music...all of these things are influenced by people who aren't even old enough to vote. But a century ago, there wasn't even such a thing as a teenager. People went from being children to adult with hardly any transition period. But political and social developments (such as the freedom that the roaring 20s allowed and the increased social opportunities that bicycles, cars, and telephones allowed) meant that lives were changing and teens (old enough not to need supervision but young enough to not have spouses and children) were the ones to benefit from these changes. How did we go from Flapper girls to Beliebers? This history of the American teenager will help you find out.

This is such a fun book. I love learning about cultural history, and with the engaging text and fun photos and graphics, this was a tough book to put down. I think that it will be useful for students writing reports for school but that it also has enough appeal to be a book that people would reach to for reading for pleasure.

I read a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Lerner Books.

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