Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Bouffant by Kate Hosford

Pigtails and braids. Braids and pigtails. When Annabelle looks around her classroom at school, all she sees are girls with their hair in pigtails and braids. That's fine for some people, but Annabelle wants to be different; she wants to stand out! Then she sees a picture of her grandmother's big bouffant hairstyle, and she knows exactly how she wants to wear her hair from now on! Annabelle loves it...but how will the other kids react?

This is a fun book that celebrates creativity, imagination, and individuality. The text is written in rhyme and that really makes sense for the book - Annabelle seems like a girl who might go through a rhyming phase. The illustrations are unique and fun (and the one where Annabelle uses kitchen items to build a bouffant is realistically disgusting). This is a great book to share with kids who dare to be different.

Find more information about the book at Lerner Publishing. It will be published in 2011. I read an advance copy at NetGalley.

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