Saturday, June 2, 2012

Uncle John's Kid-Topia Bathroom Read for Kids Only

A Tyrannosaurus Rex would have had terrible breath. There's a restaurant in Taiwan where diners sit on toilets instead of chairs...and eat food out of miniature toilets. The Saxons would go to battle with wildly coloured hair in order to scare their enemies. The University of CA - Santa Cruz has a sports team named the Banana Slugs. A thief was arrested because he broke into a house, logged on to his Facebook page..and then forgot to log out before he left! These are just some of the amazing things that kids can learn in Uncle John's Kid-topia Bathroom Reader for Kids Only.

I don't remember the first time I read one of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers, but I know that I've been a fan for a long time. I like the short entries and the wide-ranging topics that the books cover. This book has special content to appeal to kids: food, science, art, animals, and (of course) bathrooms. There are also word games and quizzes for people who want to do more than just read. The review copy that I was reading looked there was some space left for later additions of graphics and details, so the finished product should have lots of high-interest eye-grabbers to keep kids reading. Don't think of this book just in terms of bathroom reading. It would also be a great book to pick up before a long car trip; the games, stories, and fun facts could keep young readers (and the young at heart) occupied for ages.

I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Baker and Taylor/Portable Press.

Find it at IndieBound.

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