Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best Mistake Ever! and Other Stories by Richard Scarry

New readers have three stories by Richard Scarry to explore on their own in The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories. In one, Huckle and Lowly mix up a grocery list but end up getting exactly what they need. In another, a bicycle bell and a cuckoo clock have a terrible accident that leads to a very surprising present. And in the third story, Huckle is sad when Lowly stops spending time with him at school...until he finds out what's really going on. Don't miss these familiar characters as they learn that sometimes mistakes have happy endings!

I grew up with Richard Scarry books, and I'm glad that they are still around and in print in different formats (like this Step Into Reading book that I read as an e-title). One of my favourite things about oversized books like What Do People Do All Day? was scouring the pages and picking out all of the details. That's not something you'll really find here, but what you will find is a book that's perfectly structured for kids to read on their own. The pages have classic Scarry illustrations but also large print, lots of white space, and visual cues to help with harder vocabulary words. The book has a copyright date of 1984, but instead of reading as dated, it appears as timeless (at least to me - I'd love to know what kids think of this or if they even notice). This is a great choice for young readers and a solid choice for schools and libraries to have in their collections.

Find it at IndieBound. 

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