Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hamsters Holding Hands by Kass Reich

Hamsters can do many different things. They can play together and they can eat together. They can enjoy the sun and jump in the air.  Count from one to ten with these friendly hamsters and they will show you all the things that they love to do. Hamsters can do a lot of different things, but they have the most fun when they're together.

There's a lovely quiet charm about this board book. It outwardly looks very simple: a counting book from 1-10, featuring hamsters doing different activities. And yet, there's something in its design that transcends this description. The look of the book uses lots of oranges, yellows, and greens; it doesn't feel like your traditional picture book palatte. The back cover of the book promises hamsters that are cute and loveable, and I totally agree.  They're just so happy about everything that they're doing. The text rhymes between the numbers (the line for 1 rhymes with the line for 2), and it's set up so that the numbers themselves aren't rhyming with words (which is good because seven is always very tricky to rhyme). Definitely check this book out for young readers or kids practicing their numbers (and libraries should add it to their board book collections).

See more of Kass Reich's work at her website.

Find it at IndieBound. 

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