Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Every Single Thought: What I Think About Being Single by Corinne Mucha

What does it mean to be single? Is it enough to say that you're not in a relationship? What does it mean when you're in a relationship? How do you meet new people? How do you deal with not wanting to meet new people? These are some of the questions that flow through Corinne's brain. Single seems like it would be clear enough: one thing. Is that it? How can that be an adequate answer? If you've ever pondered a future alone with books and cats - and you don't even like cats - then you might have already had some of these thoughts. But I guarantee you haven't experienced them like this.

I first discovered this book while browsing on the Buy Olympia website. I was hungry for some zines and bought it along with one by Ed Choy Moorman...and then it sat on the arm of my couch for a long time. Why? I don't know. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood. Maybe I was waiting for the day where I would get up from my other couch (yes, I have two couches; yes, I spend a lot of time sitting) with purpose and grab it and not want to let it go. I didn't just read this; I devoured it. I laughed, I thought, I said "ouch" when things got too close. I loved the idea of a single Barbie. I love the exploration of words that rhyme with "single" and the interview with the single sock. I loved the ending. I loved all of it. If you are single, you need to read this. Period. I love the humour, I love the art, and I love Corinne Mucha's voice.  I can't wait to get my hands on more of her work. Could this have been the best $5 (American) I've ever spent? Quite possibly...yes.

See more of Corinne Mucha's work at her website Maidenhousefly.

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