Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thxthxthx by Leah Dieterich

Did you grow up being forced to write thank you notes? Did you get away from it when you hit your mid-teens? Do you write basic, generic thank yous for birthday and Christmas presents? Do you ever thank the ordinary, daily, intangible things in your life? Thxthxthx takes a look at those ordinary things that make life special and thanks them for being just what they are.

Before reading this book, and not knowing thxthxthx.com, there were two ways that I was afraid might go. I was worried that it might overdose on sarcasm and there might be a mean spirit running through the book. On the other hand, I thought it might be too wholesome, and ultimately offputting. I was so happy to see that it was neither of these two things. It is such a balanced book, and Leah Dieterich comes across as such a genuine person - a person who likes embarrassing songs, burns rice, gets cramps, and has a hard time keeping plants alive. The possible gimmickiness of the book didn't bother me (maybe because I had a mother who instilled in me the importance of thank you notes), and more than that, I really enjoyed this book. Check it out.

To get a sense of the letters that are in the book, visit Leah Dieterich's website.

Find it at the Andrews McMeel website.

I read an advanced copy at NetGalley.

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