Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Things haven't been the same for Sophie ever since she found out that she is a witch. After casting a love spell that goes horribly wrong, Sophie is sent to Hecate Hall (nicknamed Hex Hall by the students) a special boarding school for Prodigium - witches, faeries, and shapeshifters. Sophie, who was raised by her single (human) mother, is frustrated by her lack of supernatural knowledge, and before long she's inadvertently made enemies of cliquey witches, teachers, and the hottest guy at Hex Hall. But all of that pales next to the mysterious attacks on other students. Who is causing these attacks and why? And is Sophie in danger?

The basic plot frames (a mysterious boarding school for supernatural beings, a young witch, etc. coming into their own about their powers, finding out truths about yourself and your ancestors) have been covered in other books, but this book stands apart on the strength of voice of the main character. Sophie has a strong sense of humor and uses a lot of sarcasm; the book has a lot of action, but it's also very funny. I loved the relationship between Sophie and her vampire roommate as well as the way that Sophie and Archer (the hottest guy at Hex Hall) develop their relationship (saying anything more would give away too much). The book has a satisfying conclusion while also setting up the action for the next book, Demonglass.

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