Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plan B by Charnan Simon

Lucy has some plans for her future and she knows exactly what she wants to do. She wants to go to college and become a Spanish teacher; she knows she and her boyfriend - a high school baseball star - are going to live happily ever after. Everything is all planned out - but one thing Lucy didn't plan on was getting pregnant. Now she doesn't know what to do - but she's going to have to switch things over to Plan B.

(Semi-spoilery from here.)

Parts of this story felt like "16 & Pregnant," only in book form.The first half of the book focuses on Lucy's plans for the the future - hers and her boyfriends. She has sex for the first time about halfway through, and almost immediately (in page terms) realizes that she's pregnant. The rest of the book follows Lucy as she breaks the news to her boyfriend (who's initially not that supportive) and her mom (disappointed, scared, and hurt). There are tiny touches about the book that I really love: for example, Lucy tells her boyfriend "it's not babysitting when it's your own baby." That's a message that needs to be said over and over. Also, even though it's a short book, abortion and adoption are considered as real options. The book has an open ending, leaving the reader to guess about what happens next.

Find out more about the series at the Darby Creek page.

I received an advance review copy through NetGalley.

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