Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Face Book by Star Bright Books

Baby's first face book? Not their first social media account, but a board book filled with great photographs of lots of baby faces. Babies love looking at other babies. One of the first things we do after we're born is start looking for faces, so a book filled with faces can be a source of endless fascination for young children. My Face Book has ten pictures of babies (plus the cover) with lots of different emotions and expressions: silly, serious, laughing, crying, sleepy, and more. One of its strengths is the diversity of the children featured. It's a fun book for young babies who just want to look at faces but also for toddlers who are learning more about emotion and expressions.

See more details at Star Bright Books.

My Face Book will be published in August 2011. I read an advance review copy at NetGalley.

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