Saturday, May 7, 2011

Butterflies in May by Karen Hart

Ali hasn't been feeling well, and she's afraid she knows the reason. A trip to the doctor confirms it: she's pregnant. With her world turned upside down, Ali isn't sure where to turn. She plans on an abortion, but decides against it - and her boyfriend and mother think she's making a big mistake. Over the next months, Ali must face her own fears and make her own decisions for herself and for her baby.

I called Plan B "16 & Pregnant" in book form, but I think Butterflies in May is actually a closer analogy to the TV show. Where Plan B leaves off with the news of a pregnancy still sinking in, Butterflies in May follows Ali through her pregnancy: attending school, thinking about marriage, dealing with disapproving teachers, watching her boyfriend pull away, thinking about college, finding out how much a baby costs, deciding what would be best for her child. Complicating things are the family secrets that her pregnancy brings to light. Teen pregnancy is not a new subject for teen books, but Butterflies in May tells the story from Ali's point of view, making it a much harder book to put down.

I received an eBook to review from NetGalley.

Find it at IndieBound.

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