Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Detective Nikki Heat is one of New York's finest cops - she's smart, tough, fearless, and she always gets her man. Jameson Rook is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer looking for background for a new article. When he's assigned to Heat's squad for an extended ride-along, tempers (and egos) will flare. And when a local businessman is thrown from his balcony, can they work together to find the culprit - or will all of the sexual tension get in the way?

I enjoy ABC's TV show Castle (I'm both an episodic mystery and Nathan Fillion fan), and I think it's such a smart idea to have a tie-in real-life mystery novel. I often wish that fake things on shows or movies were real, and a Nikki Heat book certainly qualifies. I'm not a huge mystery reader, so while I enjoyed the twists and turns, I was more into reading between the lines based on the TV show. I'd love to hear what a big mystery fan thought of the book, but as a fan of the original source, I definitely enjoyed it.

Find it at IndieBound.

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