Friday, August 6, 2010

Contents Under Pressure by Lara M. Zeises

Lucy is thrilled when she finds out her brother will be coming home for a little while. They've always been close, but since he went away to school, and she hasn't been able to talk to him about starting high school, she feels like they've been drifting away. She's not as happy to learn that his girlfriend is moving home with him. As she explores her own relationship with a hot junior, she's shocked to learn that her brother is going to be a father - and saddened to realize that he's not really stepping up and accepting his new responsibilities. Torn between loving her brother and seeing him as a different person, Lucy feels like there's so much pressure in her life she just might explode.

I liked the teen pregnancy spin on this story (even though Hannah, the girlfriend, is 20, it's still basically a unplanned teen pregnancy). Jack, Lucy's brother, isn't a bad guy, necessarily; as the characters point out, he just doesn't know how to be a good man. So many characters are either good or bad and they rarely deal so fully in the shades of gray. Hannah is a character I was rooting for, as was Lucy. A few references now seem dated (the book was published in 2002), but it was a great introduction to Lara M. Zeises.

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