Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not Suitable For Family Viewing by Vicki Grant

Robin's life is kind of stuck; all she wants to do with her summer is to plop herself in her dark living room and watch reruns of her mother's TV show. Her mother, as practically everyone in the world knows, is Mimi Schwartz, a combination of Oprah and Kathie Lee Gifford. But then, by chance, Robin comes across some items that Mimi has hidden - items that Robin has never seen before. Before she can even really think about it, she finds herself leaving New York and landing in a tiny village in Nova Scotia, home of a helpful young man, a generous hostel owner, a rich matriarch, and many, many secrets.

I really loved reading about Robin's journey, not only through Mimi's past but also her own. I enjoyed her voice and her strength, but also the ways that Vicki Grant was able to convey Robin's privilege and naivete. I was happy with where the book ended up, and how it got there. There were a few moments where I thought, "Wait a minute, how does that work, timeline-wise?" but really, I was too busy enjoying the book to figure it all out. I really want to read more from Vicki Grant - the book world needs more great Canadian books!

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