Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dodger for President by Jordan Sonnenblick

Willie, Lizzie, and Dodger are back - and this time, Willie's running for class president. How did that happen? That's what Willie would like to know! Dodger went to school disguised at Willie (thanks to a magic potion), and then one thing led to another, and Willie finds himself in the middle of an election he can't back out of. Lots of magical scenarios and chimpish plans are quick to follow, and Willie's just trying to keep everything under control - especially with his little sister Amy snooping around!

Fans of Dodger and Me will likely enjoy this book. I think I liked it about the same or a bit more than the first book, if only because there isn't the same drama about whether or not Willie will keep Dodger (it's sort of like watching a pilot of a TV show). I liked Willie and Lizzie's relationship, I liked Willie and Amy's relationship, and I liked the sympathetic depiction of the class bully. I was not a huge fan of the ending (or the lack of ending, which seems to be a trend in the series), but I would be up for reading more about this trio's adventures.

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