Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Everafter by Amy Huntley

Madison Stanton is dead. Maybe. She doesn't think she's alive, she doesn't think she has a body, and she doesn't know where she is. All she knows is that there are objects in front of her, and when she approaches them, they transport her back to moments in her life. These objects represent things that she lost: keys, a sweater, jewelry. Why is she seeing these objects? What do these moments represent? Can she change the past? And if she does that...can she change the future?

I mostly picked this book up because of its striking cover (and because it was on the shortlist of nominees for William C. Morris YA Debut Award. I liked the premise of going back to moments in your life, especially as Madison (and the reader) learned more about the 'rules' of where she was. I seem to be reading a lot of fiction lately about teens and death, teens and mortality, teens and the afterlife. I'm not sure if this reflects on me (or a reading phase that I'm going through), or if there really are a number of books out there on this topic.

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