Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zapato Power #4: Freddie Ramos Makes a Splash by Jacqueline Jules with illustrations by Miguel Benitez

Freddie Ramos is an ordinary kid who has a big secret: he has super speed! When he's wearing his superpowered zapatos (his shoes), no one can catch him. But lately he's been having some trouble getting his shoes to work - especially when they're covered with sticky purple bubble gum! He's traced the gum to a local bully - who also lives in his apartment complex AND is attending the same summer camp. Freddie has his attention occupied with wondering about the bully and trying to learn how to swim - and then his shoes go missing. Is the bully also a thief?

Freddie Ramos is such a fun series for beginning readers. It has a touch of the fantastic (the magical superpowered shoes) but is also grounded firmly in reality. Freddie attends summer camp during the day and makes crafts with popsicle sticks; his mom calls to check up upon him after camp but before she gets home; his father was a soldier who died fighting in a war. There are big lessons and concepts wrapped up in this story (you can't assume that someone is a thief, sometimes your conclusions are wrong) but it never feels like "I'm going to talk about the lesson of the story now." It's easy to see why this series is popular with both kids and adults.

Don't miss Jacqueline Jules' website for more information about this series and her other books.

I read an advance review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Albert Whitman & Company.

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