Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ghostbusters Volume 1 by Erik Burnham, Dan Shoening, Luis Antonio Delgado and Tristan Jones

It's widely known that when there's a ghost on the loose, the best people to call are the Ghostbusters. But things have been a little strange lately. Ray's had a terrifying dream - or is it a premonition? - and Dr. Spengler wants to delve inside his brain. Meanwhile, Winston and Venkman are investigating a ghostly encounter in an apartment complex...but they're not prepared for what they find. At the same time, the very existence of the Ghostbusters is under threat...if the four men can manage to get out alive. This volume is probably best appreciated by knowledgeable fans of the series. I've seen Ghostbusters,  but only the first movie, and I had some trouble knowing who was who and what was going on. The plot moves along quickly and the illustration is creepy and, when the story calls for it, satisfyingly disgusting. I had to read it through a few times before I got a sense of what was happening, which I don't think the target audience will have to do, but it seems like a fun and suspenseful story for fans of the franchise.

(Note: this post is based on the first issue of the volume, not the entire volume. I received an advance review copy from NetGalley courtesy of IDW Publishing. )

For fun, here's the trailer for the original Ghostbusters movie:

Find it at IndieBound. 

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