Friday, March 2, 2012

Beep and Bah by James Burks

There always seems to be one sock without a partner, one sock left all alone. Most people just shrug and go about their day, but not Beep. He's determined to find the missing sock's owner (and the matching sock), so he sets off with his friend Bah on a journey across the country side. Maybe the sock belongs to the pig, or the chicken; maybe they'll find the owner just over that big hill...or down in that deep valley...or maybe even under water. No matter where they have to go or what they have to get through, Beep and Bah are on the case  and they won't quit until they reach the end of the road!

Is is an incredibly fun graphic novel for young readers. Beep, a take-charge robot, has personality to spare, while Bah, the monosyllabic mountain goat, is a perfect long-suffering sidekick. The animation world has provided some of today's most interesting illustrators and authors, including James Burks. I loved how vibrant the backgrounds were; they were so detailed and alive and almost seemed to have their own personalities. There's plenty of funny lines and visual jokes and it's easy to see this appealing to both girls and boys. This book is so strong that when I first read it on my Kobo, it was in black and white and still loved it. Definitely do not miss this book.

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I read an advance review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Lerner.

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