Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make it Fair! by Frieda Wishinsky

Emily and Matt have a magic sled, the Canadian Flyer, that can take them back in time to experience the past. In Make It Fair, Emily and Matt have landed in Winnipeg in 1914. There, they befriend Florence, a young girl who turns out to be the daughter of Nellie McClung, a political activist who is working towards gaining voting rights for women. Can Emily and Matt help Florence and her family and take part in an important part of Canada's history? It might be cold outside, but the fight for women's rights is just heating up!

Few things are as wonderfully Canadian as a book about two kids flying around on a sled (with a maple leaf!) to learn about Nellie McClung. Just throw in a beaver playing hockey and you'd be all set! I wish I'd had a series like this when I was growing up, because I would have loved to learn more about Canadian history through books like Make It Fair. The child protagonists are inquisitive and friendly and the story, while told from a child's point of view, brings in a lot of important historical points. This is the first Canadian Flyer Adventures book I've read, but I think it'll be a good go-to book for people looking for fun, historical-based time travel adventures.
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  1. Just saw your lovely comments about my book, MAKE IT FAIR. Thanks and I hope you have a chance to check out other books in the series. There are 17!
    With best wishes, Frieda Wishinsky