Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Juggling Pug by Sean Bryan with drawings by Tom Murphy

A juggling pug? Who's heard of such a thing! But when this little pug starts juggling, he becomes an international sensation! Fame starts to go to his head: he gives curtains a tug, destroys plates and mugs...and sometimes he even poops on the rug. The townspeople enable his behaviour because he's so famous until finally one says "Enough!" Will that be the end of the juggling pug?

I was enchanted by the lovely cover of this book. I love how it plays with conventions like "The title should be easy to read" and incorporates the juggling theme from the very beginning. I can see this book going over very well with children: it has an animal protagonist, funny rhymes, there's juggling (which always seems like a really impressive feat to me, even when it's done by people), and there's even a mention of poop! This was the first Sean Bryan/Tom Murphy collaboration that I read, and it had me quickly setting off to find more. I did read an eBook version of The Juggling Pug and it didn't always look just right in the Adobe Digital Edition viewer, but maybe it looks better in other readers (and of course the physical book).

Find it at IndieBound. 

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