Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

One Christmas Eve a young boy was in bed, waiting and wishing for Santa to come. His friends had told him there was no Santa, but he didn't believe them - he believed in Santa Claus. Then he heard it - the soft sound of a train. It was The Polar Express, and it came to take him and other children to the North Pole. After a short journey, the boy is chosen to receive the first present from Santa. But when he loses this present, is all hope lost? Or is there still some Christmas magic yet to come?

The Polar Express is not only a holiday classic; it was the winner of the 1986 Caldecott Award for illustration, and its rich images have resonated with children for over twenty-five years. The message of hope and belief has warmed the hearts of children and adults who want to believe in the magic of the season. The style of the illustrations and the voice of the narrator make it a book that might speak particularly strongly to adults remembering their own childhoods. In 2004 The Polar Express was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks, but don't let the original book go overlooked around the holidays.

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