Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lettice: A Christmas Wish by Mandy Stanley

 One day Lettice pops her head up out of her burrow and discovers that there is white sparkly stuff everywhere. It's snow! Lettice wants to learn more about this sparkly snow and discovers people decorating a Christmas tree. What is Christmas? How are the sparkles involved? Lettice wants to learn more about this wonderful, sparkly holiday!

There is definitely a sub-category of Christmas picture books that focuses on sparkly Christmas books, and they usually have the sparkles helpfully located right on the front cover. With Lettice (who I had not met as a picture book character before this book), the sparkles were the first thing that I noticed, and I imagine that many other young children - likely young girls - will notice the cover as well. Lettice is a fun and friendly character and the message of sharing Christmas - a Christmas beyond sparkles and presents - is a positive one. This book will be a favourite for existing Lettice fans and a great entry point for new fans.

Check out Harper Collins Canada for a peek inside the book.

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