Sunday, September 18, 2011

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

Dog and Robot have been best friends ever since Dog sent away for a ‘build your own robot’ kit. They love doing things together: going to the library, watching movies, going on trips. One day they take a trip to a dog-friendly beach. They have a blast playing in the water and napping on their towels. It’s a perfect day – but when Robot wakes up, he can’t move! Dog tries everything he can, but there’s no way he can get Robot home. As it turns from day into night, Dog reluctantly leaves Robot behind. Alone at the beach, Robot dreams of the future – and what could have been. Will Dog and Robot ever be reunited?

I was thoroughly surprised by this book. While I tried to guess what would happen next, it kept moving in directions that were completely unexpected. The panels that show Dog leaving Robot on the beach were incredibly sad and, despite the bright colours and style, very dark. Over the course of the next year, terrible things kept happening to both of them. But good things happened, too, even while they were apart. This might be a spoiler, but I ultimately found this book to be bittersweet. I never thought that I would describe a book about an anthropomorphized dog and his robot friend as being realistic, but I loved how things ended in this book – not too neat, but done in a satisfying way. I have read and loved Chicken and Cat and Chicken and Cat Clean Up, but they didn’t prepare me for just how much I would enjoy Robot Dreams.

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