Thursday, September 29, 2011

Queens of All the Earth by Hannah Sternberg

Olivia should be getting ready to move into her freshman dorm room. She should be going off to college. But instead, she's not going anywhere. She retreats to her bedroom, hiding from the world and cutting off contact with her family. Time passes and nothing really changes for Olivia. Her older sister, Miranda, decides to jolt Olivia into responsiveness by planning a trip to Spain. But not all of her plans go exactly how she wants them to; it's not just Olivia who will be changed by this trip.

There are so many really interesting things going on in this novel - which I was kind of surprised by, because it's not a very big novel! The relationship between Miranda and Olivia is at the heart of the story, and I easily bought that they loved and frustrated each other and didn't always understand each other. There's a quiet strength to the story that kept me interested in how everything played out. This is Hannah Sternberg's debut novel, and I'm really curious to see what comes next from her.

I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Bancroft Press.

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