Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Great Moon Hoax by Stephen Krensky and Josee Bisaillon

Jake and Charlie are two boys selling newspapers in 1830s New York. They buy newspapers every morning and then sell them to people for a penny a paper. They depend on headlines to help build interest in the papers: a murder, a fire, something really exciting. One day they discover a story from South Africa about a powerful telescope that can see animals on the moon. Even better, it's going to be a series! With the excitement growing every day, the two boys are selling more papers than ever. Could this moon story be just what they were waiting for?

The artwork in this book is just lovely. I love the way that newspapers and newsprint are incorporated into the images. It has an old-timey feel while still looking very modern. The story itself was a bit limited because of its true nature (there was a story in the paper about the moon, but then it wasn't true...which was given away by the title) so it ended more with a whimper than with a bang, but the true strength was in the details about what life was like for newsboys in the 1830s. It's a fun book that will give kids lots of things to think about.

I read a review copy at NetGalley provided by Carohrhoda.

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