Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka and Chad Cameron

It's fall - the time of year where apples turn orange and pumpkins turn red. No? What about trick-or-treating for turkey, and giving thanks over candy? Or bears gathering nuts for the winter, geese hibernating, and squirrels flying south? It might be fall, but everything is all mixed up!

There is an amazing attention to detail in these pages. It's the little touches that I love, like the turkey carved like a jack-o-lantern, the 'up' printed on an arrow pointing down, or the way the hot air balloon floats over several pages. The illustrations are frequently a little off kilter (check out the way the perspective changes in the first few pages) and that adds to the mixed-up feeling that everything is a little... off. The rhyming is clever and ends with a perfect invitation for a second reading. I think this book has a strong chance of becoming more than just a seasonal favourite.

Find it at Lerner Books.

Check out Bob Raczka's website. And don't miss Chad Cameron's website.

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