Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mermaid Mysteries: Rosa and the Water Pony by Katy Kit and Tom Knight

Rosa and her friends are all excited about the upcoming carnival in Mermaid Bay. Anyone can enter to perform a spectacular display. Rosa, Jasmine, Melody, and Sula want to win the grand prize - a pearl necklace! They've even called themselves the Waterbabes and are planning to ride a Water Pony. Rosa's extra excited because her cousin, Coral, is visiting, and she's super-talented. But Rosa's feeling a bit jealous of Coral, and Myrtle and Muriel, two mermaids from school, are determined to sabotage the Waterbabes. Will Rosa be able to work things out, or will this show be over before things even start?

Mermaids are so hot right now. They're definitely having a pop culture moment, and that's why I picked this book up to read. Rosa and the Water Pony not only has mermaids, but it also has jewels, a horse, cute illustrations, and a nice story about friendship and working together. This definitely has the potential to be a big crowd pleaser. It was a little weak on the mystery side, but it's a short book, so that was okay. The end of the book also has a preview for another book, Jasmine and the Treasure Chest.

I read an advanced copy from NetGalley provided by Albert Whitman & Company.

Find it at IndieBound.

Read it with:
Karen's Mermaid by Ann M. Martin
Mermaid Mysteries: Jasmine and the Treasure Chest by Katy Kit
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