Wednesday, July 6, 2011

43 Old Cemetery Road: Till Death Do Us Bark

Seymour Hope, illustrator-in-residence at 43 Old Cemetery Road, is happy living with Ignatius B. Grumply and Olive C. Spense, but there's something missing in his life: a dog. When one follows him home one day, he's sure that it's a sign. But Mr. Grumply isn't sure that it's right to keep the dog, and Olive is more a cat person - or a cat ghost - than a dog ghost. The dog used to belong to Noah Breth, a wealthy old man who recently passed away. Mr. Breth's bickering children, Kitty and Kanine, have come back to town in search of his wealth. But Mr. Breth didn't make it easy for them, and to solve the mystery of where his money is, they'll have to figure out a series of limericks. Strange things are happening in Ghastly, Illinois, and Seymour is right in the middle of it.

I loved this book; it was funny and clever and had a good story. It unfolds through a series of letters and newspaper articles (characters even write each other when they live in the same house). I loved the formality of it; it's amazing how letters (not email, texting, or messaging) can make something feel old-fashioned. This was the first 43 Old Cemetery Road book that I've read, and even though it was #3 in the series, there was a great part at the beginning that got me all up to speed. I don't feel like I missed anything (I'm going to be checking out the first two, though). The cover art is striking in person (the colours don't come through as fully on a screen) and there are so many small details to uncover and appreciate. A great choice for fans of mysteries, ghosts, word play, or books written in letters.

I received an advance copy through NetGalley, but it's out in stores now.

See more at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Find it at IndieBound.

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