Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

Sweet Little Lies picks up five days after L.A. Candy left off. Jane Roberts, the star of L.A. Candy and would-be America's Sweetheart, was outed as having cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend. Pictures of the two of them ended up in the tabloids and ignited a media circus. Jane has turned to her new friend and co-star Madison for help, unaware that Madison is the one who orchestrated the photographs. Her friendship with Madison has driven a wedge between her and her long-time best friend Scarlett, who is fed up with the show and all that goes with it. With the cameras still rolling, will Jane ever find out the truth about Madison? Will Madison stay one step ahead of the anonymous tipster who threatens to share her deepest secrets? And will Scarlett figure out how to balance her TV life and her real life - and her friendship with Jane?

One of the thrills of reading these books is to think "So...did that happen in real life?" While "Jane Roberts" doesn't always match up 100% with Lauren Conrad, there are so many similarities, especially around the 'scandalous pictures' storyline (in real life, it was rumours of a sex tape - that was allegedly announced by Spencer Pratt, her then-friend Heidi's then-boyfriend). In trying to make her likeable, Jane comes off as a bit dim at times, especially when it comes to boys or the media. Scarlett grows as a character but even she makes questionable decisions for the sake of the plot. The end sets up the storyline for a third book, likely to be centred on Madison and her past.

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