Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Troy High by Shana Norris

Troy vs. Lecede; Trojans vs. Spartans. It's a football rivalry that has been going on for years. When Elena moves from Lecede to Troy and dumps her old boyfriend in favour of a new Trojan, she sets off a chain of events that will not end well. Cassie Prince had a vision of how it was all going to go down, but no one would listen to her. Now she's trapped in this dangerous world and feels pulled between her football playing brothers and her Spartan best friend.

This is a fun idea for a book. I don't know if the idea of taking ancient Troy and putting in the modern world has been done before, but it seems like a pretty good fit. When I read books that are based on other things, I always wonder if the original just doesn't exist in this new world. A common example is A Christmas Carol - in all of the remakes of it set in the modern world, was the Dickens work ever written? In this case, it's The Iliad, and the story of the Trojan war. Do people not know about it? What about things like a Trojan horse? Have people heard of that? So I wonder a bit about that. Still, it's a good spin on high school rivalry.

Find it at IndieBound.
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