Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Summer is usually a fun time for Delphine and her two sisters. School is out and they can spend time in their neighbourhood with their father and grandmother. This summer, though, is going to be very different. Instead of staying in New York, they're going to be visiting their mother, who left shortly after the birth of her youngest girl. She's not interested in being a mother, and they're not interested in living in her politically active world. But as the summer moves on, Delphine and her sisters start to understand a bit more about what her mother and her Black Panther friends are fighting for.

This book is just so well-written. Rita Williams-Garcia has a tremendous ability of turning out a phrase that made me stop in my tracks. She created four great characters in Delphine and her sisters as well as their mother. The movement over the course of the book was perfect - characters coming to realizations and ideas naturally and organically and not ever having it seem fake. This book already has whispers of Newbery around it, and I can definitely see (and agree) why.

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