Saturday, June 19, 2010

Struts and Frets by Jon Skovron

Sammy is going to be a musician. He's in a band with his friends (and a terrifying lead singer) and he writes all the songs. His grandfather was a musician, so he knows it won't be easy, especially since his mother doesn't really support it. He's also trying to transition from being just friends to boyfriend/girlfriend with his longtime best friend, and that's kind of weird. There's a big Battle of the Bands competition coming up, and that just could be exactly what Sammy's looking for to bring everything into focus.

When I first started reading and saw that Sammy had a female best friend, I thought, "Great, they're totally going to end up together." I was pleasantly surprised when this happened not at the end of the book but sort of near the beginning. It's all the stuff that happens after the 'hey, we should be together' moment that really makes for a good story. I liked Sammy as a character and felt for him as he was pulled in different directions. He seems like a good guy, and more than that, he was a character that I wanted to read about.

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