Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl

Veronica loves vintage clothes, so it’s perfect that she gets to work in the consignment section of the local used clothing store. It’s a great job, and a great chance to hide away from her image-obsessed mother (who is not so happy with Veronica’s plus-sized image). During the day, two wild girls rule the sales floor and one weird guy does all the odd jobs. As Veronica finds herself drawn in by all three of them, will she be able to figure out who to trust – and how to trust herself?

I first picked up this book because it was mentioned as being part of the new world of “Fat Lit,” a term that will be discussed at an upcoming ALA panel discussion on YA books. (If anyone knows any other details, it's something I'd really like to know more about) I felt that Erica Perl knew her world of vintage clothes inside and out, and that level of detail helped to make the story stronger. I wasn't completely sold on aspects of Veronica, but I think that's because there are so few positive plus-sized heroines that I wanted her to be all things to me (and that's not Erica Perl's fault). Veronica, as the heroine, was at times not a very sympathetic character, and at times it was hard to convince myself to keep reading about her, but I always came back to the book because of the strength of the supporting cast.

Find it at IndieBound.

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