Sunday, May 16, 2010

Benny and Penny in The Big No-No! by Geoffrey Hayes

A new neighbour has just moved in next door to Benny and Penny. Penny hopes it's a girl; Benny hopes it's a boy. But they are both quite surprised when all they see are big, scary, muddy footprints. Could the new neighbour be a monster? Meanwhile, Benny's pail is missing. Could the new neighbour have anything to do with that? Going into the neighbour's yard is a big no-no, but that might be the only way that Benny and Penny can find out what's going on...

When I picked this book up, I only intended to thumb through it to get a sense of what it was like, and the next thing I knew I was reading from page to page, unable to put it down. The illustrations and the story worked together to keep me interested. I liked the way the characters talked with each other; the language, though simple, tells a very sophisticated story. If Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith hadn't already worked its magic on me, this book would convince me to pay attention to any book that TOON releases.

Find it at IndieBound.

Read it with:
Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith
I Spy Fly Guy! by Tedd Arnold
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Benny and Penny in Just Pretend by Geoffrey Hayes
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

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