Saturday, March 6, 2010

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

Audrey thought that by dumping Evan, she'd get him out of her life. Little did she know that his last words to her - "Audrey, wait!" would also be the title of Evan's band's world-wide smash hit song. Suddenly, Evan is famous...and so is Audrey. But they only know her as the girl who dumped Evan, and there are so many lies, rumors, and half-truths out there. They're ruining her life, or what used to be her life. Will things ever get back to normal? Will her life ever be normal again?

This book made me realize that I wasn't a teenager anymore. When I was reading it, I often thought that I could handle situations better than Audrey could - and then I remembered the age difference between us. Still, Audrey was an amusing stand-in for some of music's other famous muses, willing and un-willing: The Knack's Sharona, Plain White T's Delilah, Eric Clapton's "Layla" (Pattie Boyd), and many, many more. It's an interesting question - when a moment happens between two people, who owns that moment? Can either of them 'use' it? Is there a difference between music and print, in terms of sharing information about other people? And then, once information is out there, do you have a public responsibility to...anyone? I have no idea.

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